Portable IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Epilator Full Body Painless LCD Display

Ice-Cooling System- This IPL hair removal device has the function of cooling the skin. It cools the skin while emitting pulsed light, reduces irritation to the skin, making treatments safer and more comfortable, and it can remove hair more deeply. Makes the skin smoother.


Economical & Effective & Safe- Compared to expensive salon hair removal, our hair removal devices are safe, easy, gentle and effective to use at home, and it costs less. Saving you thousands of dollars on laser hair removal, permanently reduce hair in just 3 months.

Adjustable and Smarter- 6 energy levels, suitable for different areas of skin, the higher the energy level, the better the hair removal effect. 2 flash modes, manual mode is mainly used for small areas such as bikini line, armpit, lips and face. auto mode can be used for large areas such as arms, legs and back.

Lifetime Laser Hair Removal - The IPL hair removal device has unlimited flashes, enough for a lifetime of use without changing the cartridge. Helps you achieve permanent hair removal by breaking the hair regrowth cycle, both men and women can use, you can share with your entire family and friends.

Long-Lasting Result - Hair removal with the Ice Spot Hair Removal device can achieve long-lasting results because it destroys the hair follicle and prevents hair regrowth, with portable design, can be easily carried for travel or use at home.

Functional characteristics:

- The mermaid design conforms to ergonomics.
- 6-speed energy intensity adjustment
- Automatic continuous light output
Automatic shutdown protection
- Digital display screen
- Infinite light emission
- Quartz lamp tube
- Freezing point temperature: 8C~25C
Electrical parameters:
Working mode: IPL laser
Input power: 36W
Power supply method: direct plug-in
Working wavelength: 530nm
Maximum energy: 11.7J
Maximum energy level: 3.9J/cm2
Exposure area: 3cm2
Basic color: Pearlescent white

Packaging configuration:
Freezing point hair removal instrument * 1
Adapter * 1
Instructions * 1
Two replacement heads * 1
Scraper * 1
Goggles * 1

1. Shave excess hair and cleanse skin before treatment.

2. Power on the IPL epilator, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on.

3. Short press the power button, you can choose the energy level that suits your skin color, 1-6 energy levels.

4. Briefly press the flash button to activate manual mode. Hold the flash window perpendicular to the skin, press the flash button, press once, the laser epilator will flash once.

5. Press and hold the flash button for 3 seconds to switch to auto mode. The flash window is perpendicular to the skin and moves, and flashes automatically and continuously. Press and hold the flash button for 3 seconds to return to manual mode.

6. The last step, after the hair removal is completed, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the laser epilator. (The built-in cooling fan will turn off after 10 seconds)

Warm Tips:

1. Do not use on tattooed and sunburned skin.

2. Product is not effective on dark brown/black skin tones.

3. The hair removal area must be shaved before using the product.

4. Do not use on light-colored hair, such as light red and gray hair

5. Please make sure the power cord is well connected to the device before treatment.

6. It will glow under three requirements: (a. close to the skin; b. press the flash button; c. full of energy.)

7. If there is any abnormality, please shut down and unplug the power for 10 minutes before restarting.

8. Product will require 2-3 months before results will be noticeable.

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