Mini HIFU Facial Machine RF Tightening EMS Microcurrent Facial Lift Skin Wrinkle


1st Generation



-Lifting face, remove wrinkles

Activate collagen, enhance skin moist, so to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

-Tightening skin, shape V face

RF and HIFU double effect, shrink pores and firm skin, shape your V face.

-Lifting neck, anti- aging

Massaging and lifting your neck usually can remove neck wrinkles and double chin.

-Massage eyes, improve eye condition

Place around eyes are tender, so please use low level to care your eyes around. It can remove fine lines and dark circles.



    • Product Type: Face Anti-Aging Beauty Machine
    • Main Color: White
    • Material: ABS, Stainless steel
    • Skin Type: All Skin Types
    • Target Area: Face,Eye,Neck
    • Input Voltage: AC 110V-220V
    • Technique: Hifu,RF,LED
    • Gender: Unisex


Five Steps for Skin Rejuvenation:

1. Mini HIFU Automatic scanning internal environment system

Mini HIFU Automatic scanning system, aim at the skin deeply and precisely.

2. High energy focused quickly

HIFU machine send out high energy wave and aim at SMAS layer,

3. Stimulate the rebirth of collagen

When the SMAS is stimulated, skin would tighten quickly, so to regrow and regroup the collagen.

4. Support the SMAS layer

Active the collagen under the deep skin, to support the SMAS layer, remove wrinkles.

5. Show the young and beautiful skin!

After HIFU treatment, it makes skin young and beautiful, lifting and tightening skin keep you young and health.


1 x Device

 1 x User Manual



2nd Generation:


Facial anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, face thinning, lifting and firming skin, tightening loose skin around the eyes, promote absorption.

2)Active Area: 4cm2

3)Frequency: 3MHZ

4)Role Depth: 3-3.5-4.5mm


Radio frequency skin tightening use the latest bipolar RF technology, no side effects. Its built-in safety system that automatically adjusts energy depending on the temperature of your skin.

1)Power: 4J/CM2
2)Active Area: 3cm2
3)Frequency: 2MHZ
4)Role Depth: 3mm


1) 15W

2) 500mAh

Handheld Skin Care Device to Lift Skin Reduce Look of Wrinkles, mainly use for face neck skin tightening, stick to use this facial device to reach effect of wrinkle removal, fine lines eliminating and face lifting.

1)Wave Length: 650nm
2)Strength: 5000mcd
3)Energy Output: 4J/CM2
Target Area:Face,Eye,Neck

Package Includes:

1 x Main Machine with original box
1 x EU Power Adapter
1 x User Manual




    • The HIFU operation has a temporary slight swelling phenomenon is normal. Please be noted that that don't  go to high temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environments for 1 week after operation, and exposure is also not recommended.
    • Keep skin, hair parts clean before operation. 
    • Clean face without hot water within 3 days.
    • Do not eat soy sauce, alcohol, spicy foods within one week after operation.
    • Avoid eyeballs and larynx during operation.

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