LED Red Near Infrared Light Therapy Pad Belt Arms Knee Fat Burning Pain Relief



Red Light Therapy Effect - Each arm belt has 40pcs 660nm and 10pcs 850nm Leds. 660nm Red Light could speed up the metabolic reaction of cells, reducing inflammation and speeding healing. And also useful for skin tissue. 850nm Near Infrared light (which is not invisible to naked eyes) has a particularly strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, organs, and joints, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

Multipurpose - This red-light therapy arm wrap has 5 Brightness Setting from L0-L4 and 6 Time Control (5/10/15/20/25/30 mins), you could set it depends on your different needs. This infrared light wearable arm pad is great for the tissue repair after sport, you could use it on arm, legs, shoulders, knees, etc. Measure at 32cm long, 17cm width, equipped 2 Velcro straps, this red-light arm belt is suitable for most people.

Convenient and Easy to Use - Besides, there are 2 options to power on this red-light therapy device: Wide Voltage AC 100-240V wall plug and Power Bank, the USB cable is included in the package, makes it convenient and easy to use while working in the office, travelling, yoga at home, etc, enjoy it anytime and anywhere!

Best Gift - Made of soft and flexible neoprene, you could use from the comfort of your home with this arm belt for a little cost. The various benefits such as pain relief makes it become a great choice for women and men, as birthday gift, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Christmas gift.


infrared rays irradiate the human body to produce resonance absorption, which can induce fatigue and aging substances, such as lactic acid, free fatty acids, cholesterol, excess subcutaneous fat, etc., due to the activation of the hair follicle opening and subcutaneous fat, without passing through the kidneys, directly metabolized from the skin. Therefore, it can make the skin smooth and soft. The physiotherapy effect of far-infrared rays can increase the body's heat energy and activate cells, thereby promoting the metabolism of fat tissue, burning and decomposing, and consuming excess fat, thereby effectively losing weight.

Combination of red-light therapy and near infrared. A higher proportion of red-light wavelengths are absorbed by skin tissues, making it particularly effective in promoting skin health and increasing collagen products. Near-infrared light 850nm has a longer wavelength than red light. They can provide energy to body cells, making it an ideal choice for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain and inflammation.

Product name: Red Light Therapy Pad
Wavelength: 660nm/850nm
Function: body slim/pain relief
Size: 32cm x 17cm = 12.59in x 6.69in
Color: Black
Power: 10w
Power bank: support
Single led number: 50pcs (40pcs*660nm leds,10pcs*850nm Leds)
Quantity: 1 Pair

Package include:
2* Red light therapy arm pad
2* Adjustable buckle belt
1* Power cord
1* Control cord
1* USB cord

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