EMS Microcurrent LED Facial Anti-Wrinkle Pulse Beauty Device Neck Lifting

Item type: Pulse beauty instrument
Input voltage: DC 5V
Charging current: 480MA
Max power: 5W
Working time: 5 minutes/time
Battery capacity: 1000MA
Charging time: About 3H
Host net weight: 160g
Host size: 18*5* 4.6cm
Net Weight: 390g

Product Include:
1*Pulse beauty instrument
1*USB cable

1. One machine has 5 modes. Equivalent to having 5 machines.
①MFP: Intermediate frequency intermittent pulse mode
Intermittent release of super pulse current

②EMS: Microcurrent Muscle Movement
Release special pulses that induce muscle movement.

③SUP: Super pulse electroporation introduction mode
Simultaneously release the imported pulse/EMS/medium and high frequency waves
④LED color light mode
5 light treatments for skin care needs
⑤High frequency vibration function
Relieve muscle soreness and reduce skin fatigue
2. 5 modes of LED color light
①Red light mode: fade wrinkles, firm up

②Green light mode: Repair damaged cells and brighten skin
③Blue light mode: soothes and calms damaged cells and repairs acne-prone skin
④Three lights are always on: comprehensive light protection and new life
⑤Three lights flashing continuously: toning care to wake up the skin

3.LCD screen

Easy to operate; smart 5-minute mode, skin rejuvenation saves time.

1.Press and hold the power key for 2s to turn on / off
2.When in use, the hand contacts the side ion sensing strip, and the massage head contacts the facial skin, the instrument will high-frequency vibrate.

3.This product adopts micro current ion stimulate face lifting technology. According to individual skin sensitivity, there will be slight tingling on the face when using it, which is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured to use it.

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