Clear Skin - Multifunctional Brush

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Are you looking for the perfect addition to your skincare routine? Look no further than the best-selling multifunctional cleansing brush! This revolutionary device provides deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation, plus sonophoresis infusion on the back of the device to assist with the absorption of creams and serums into the skin. With adjustable settings that allow you to customise your cleanse according to your needs.  This incredible product is suitable for all skin types. Get ready to have smoother, cleaner, healthier looking skin with this amazing tool – it’s a must-have for anyone who wants their skin to look flawless!


3 Ultrasonic Adjustable Speeds
This brush provides 3 different frequencies. It is perfect for daily cleansing to remove makeup residue, oil, dust dirt or deep cleansing and also gentle exfoliation.
6 Brush Attachments
1 soft bristle attachment, 1 deep cleaning brush, 1 exfoliating brush,1 soft sponge attachment, 1 rolling massage attachment and 1 silicone brush.


Warm Compress

Step 1 - The warmth delivered by the device boosts blood flow, nourishes the skin, increases circulation and the absorption of your favourite cream or serum.  Press the Mode Adjustment button on the handle of your device, to allow the warm compress to heat for 20 seconds and massage over the skin to open the pores for 2-3 minutes.


Step 2 – For all skin types attach the Silicon Brush Head, these bristles are soft and hypoallergenic to be non-abrasive and non-clogging to allow for a safe, deep cleansing experience that does not disrupt the skin’s natural balance or cause irritation. Use it with your favourite, hydrating cleanser. Works best for those fighting breakouts or highly reactive skin!

For normal, oily and combination skin types, we recommend using our Soft Bristle Head.  Our cleansing brush is made of ultra-soft bristles optimally designed for an everyday gentle, deep clean. A soft brush head gently hugs the face for a massage-like, spa-worthy cleansing experience.  Use daily to properly cleanse dead skin and debris to avoid acne.


Step 3 - Use the Courser Bristle Head for daily deep cleansing of normal, oily and combination skin types.  Our exfoliating brush has firmer invigorating bristles designed to lift away debris and dead skin. Perfect for use over the entire face, especially where scaly skin can build up (like around the nose). Use with a mild cleanser to clean and exfoliate at the same time. It’s not recommended for use with a harsh exfoliant as our brush does the work for you! Forget manual scrubbing, this is a deeper automatic clean that’s gentler on your skin. The soft caress of the brush exfoliates the lower layers of the skin to treat blemishes. 


Step 4 – Our Soft Sponge Head is ideal for the application of moisturisers or serums and it doesn’t absorb all of your product.  Simply attach the Soft Sponge Head to the Clear Skin device, apply your favourite moisturiser or serum and glide over the skin until your product has completely absorbed into your skin.

Cold Compress

Step 5 –The cold compress constricts the blood vessels to your face, which can lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles and make you look lighter, brighter and more radiant overall.  It will also reduce puffiness and will lock in your moisturiser/serum.  Press the Mode Adjustment button on the handle of your device, to allow the cold compress to cool for 20 seconds and massage over the skin for 3-5 minutes.

Step 6 – Use Rolling Massage Head up to two times a day, in the morning or the evening over your face and neck. Morning is a great time to use your Rolling Massage Head as the fluids can stagnate in the lymph system while sleeping. This causes puffiness upon waking, and the Rolling Massage Head will assist with flushing the excess fluids.  One of the primary benefits of using our Rolling Massage Head is that it stimulates collagen production, which leads to firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Our Exfoliating Head A light-yet-abrasive stone used to remove dry, dead skin and to soften your calluses and corns. Whilst using it in the shower, allow your skin to soak and allow your Clear Skin device with Exfoliating Head to glide over your skin easily and continue until you’ve removed the dead skin and revealed the softer skin underneath. Never use dry.

Pack list
1 x Clear skin - Multifunctional Brush
6 x Cleansing heads
1 x Manual
1 x USB cable

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