7 Color PDT LED Photon Mask Heating Therapy Facial Body SPA Machine



* PDT color light beauty spectrometer
Light energy focusing
Adjustable temperature
Technological shape design, omnidirectional lighting experience
No direct contact with skin, no pressure on skin, more comfortable to use

* Led beauty row lamp
Whitening, rejuvenating and firming skin.
225-gun lamp type wick LED light sources,
Wide angle design, expand the range of exposure.

* Simple key, Button design
Easy to use and waterproof.

Seven light cycle mode:
Red light: Wavelength 615-655nm
Orange light: Wavelength 590-630nm
Green light: Wavelength 540-580nm
Cyan light: Wavelength 480-490nm
Blue light: Wavelength 395-435nm
Purple light: Wavelength 360-400nm
Yellow light: Wavelength 580-590nm
Cyclic light

Product parameters
Product Name: Mini LED
Product weight: About 2.5kg
Rated voltage: DC12V 4A
Product size: 350 * 125 * 235mm

Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Removal, Acne treatment, Allergic skin treatment, Remove Age spots and Dark Pigmentation, Stimulate
collagen synthesis, shrink pore, balance greasy secrete. Face and hand spa treatment to be beautiful and younger.

1. Skin Rejuvenation: Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, Improves the tone and texture of the skin.
2. Wrinkle Removal: Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet and minimizes pores.
3. Acne treatment: Porphyrins in the body absorbs blue light and makes singlet oxygen which destroys the bacteria creating acne.
4. Remove Age spots and Dark Pigmentation. Reduces melanin that causes age spots.
5. Minimizes the effects of sun-damaged skin.
6. Boosts moisture and circulation.
7. Reduces redness, flush and other forms of skin degradation.
8. Antimicrobial Effect: Improve cellular immune function and viability strongly from disease. Photo biomodulation enhances cell.
proliferation against the bacteria that may cause disease in the blood or other tissues.


1. Make the skin produce cosmetic efficacy of collagen, make skin bright and white, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and
2. Tighten pores, improve the overall skin brightness, make the skin smooth and elastic recovery.
3. The desalt splash, red blood silk, accelerate improving problem skin and repair the skin after sunburn.
4. To promote the face blood circulation, lock the skin moisture.
5. Provide skin cell activation energy, accelerate the metabolism of skin, make skin keep like baby carefully.
6. Reduce acne inflammation, firming skin, particularly effective.

Package Include:
1 Pcs *LED Facial Mask
1 Pcs * User Manual
1 Pcs* AU Power Cable
1Pair * Protection Glasses

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